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“We continue to stand” : keep on supporting the campaign !

Do you remember the campaign “We continue to stand” (Resto in Piedi) we talked about not too long ago? Short reminder: Daniele, one of our Italian best sellers, decided to create a hoodie to support the victims of the earthquake in central Italy. We are very glad to confirm that the campaign was a success, as it gained followers not only from all of Italy, but from other countries as well: a total of 130 hoodies have been donated to the mayor of Norcia (one of the towns devastated by the earthquake) and to the students of the local school, for the reopening.  restoinpiedi

Daniele’s noble initiative does not stop here: pushed by the wish of helping his fellows who have lost everything (or almost everything) during the earthquake, the campaign has been relaunched with the goal of collecting funds to support the local agricultural industry, in cooperation with the Onlus La Casa sull'Albero. The proceeds of the new sales -launched December 29th - will be donated to Luigi B., one of the farmers of Castelluccio di Norcia. On October 30, 2016, he lost his house, farm, and harvest in only 180 seconds. The new sales of “We continue to stand”(Resto in piedi) resort to crowdfunding to buy seeds and raw material to help Luigi restart his business.

The results obtained thanks to Daniele’s motivation and to the goodwill of the people are admirable; this is why we would like to invite you to follow the donations and the daily activities on the Facebook page Campo di Lenticchia.

The Teezily team invites you, dear Zilers, to join this noble initiative and buy hoodie for yourself!

Visit the shop here !

After an extremely lucky year for our company, our thoughts go to those who lost everything in a few seconds. Knowing that our platform could offer even a little help makes us very happy. Come on Zilers, end your 2016 with a good action!



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