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Ziler of the Month – Sander


This month we have the pleasure to introduce to you to Sander, a forerunner in the T-shirt marketing business. He started launching its campaigns on Teezily a couple of years ago and reached outstanding outcomes and profits in a short period of time. Get inspired by his success story !


Where are you from and where do you live?

I’m from Lemmer, Friesland, a province in the Netherlands.


How did you start your business at Teezily?

It all started with a small, local but very dedicated Facebook page I started a couple of years ago. Back in the day I never realized you could actually make a lot of money on Facebook until I came across a shirt on Teezily which sold 3000+ products. This gave me the idea to try this on my humble page. Long story short: I sold about 40 shirts and made about 400 euros. I invested the money in ads and new designs, struggled until my very last 20 euros which is when I finally hit gold.


Can you tell us the main challenges you have experienced while trying to develop your business?

When things are coming my way and sales are good, this business is so much easier for me because I am full of ideas and energy. The weeks where there are less sales I have to get myself in the right mindset. Get rid of all distractions and work hard to make sales happen again. I learned to close myself down from distractions by avoiding them. Uninstall games, no TV in my office, headphones on and go! Don’t waste time by doing nothing.


How do you organise your work every day?

To be honest this a still a point for me where there is a lot of room for improvement. I want to do everything, right away asap. On the one hand that’s the main reason how sh*t happens, just do it! On the other hand things can get chaotic and I know I could be even more effective when I organize and schedule things properly.


How do you keep your ideas fresh for your market?

By presenting them in good looking ads; ads make a big difference, especially when retargeting. I often relaunch old winners with a fresh ad. This year I’m using videos more and more, people like to see the shirt they are going to buy is real life use. Not just an image on Facebook.


What is going to be your next move?

I can’t say too much yet. But thanks to my dear friends at Teezily we are working on a very special collaboration to give sellers the opportunity to keep track of their sales like nobody ever has before in e-commerce. Teezily makes your sales count!


What do you think about the future of online T-shirt marketing?

It’s a never ending story, people will always need shirts and things can only get better. Especially at the speed Teezily and technology in general is developing.  Delivery will be faster and people will be even more eager to buy. A shirt is like a social media post. People want to express themselves, get attention, make people smile, trigger a response. More and more people want to express themselves in public by showing who they are and what they like.


Do you have any requests or suggestions for our team?

Keep up the great work, you guys work hard and are there 24/7 to support me and everyone else who uses Teezily. I appreciate that a lot! Keep on improving everything that you are improving each day.


Can you tell us your favorite memory of your "Teezily journey"?

My favorite memories are the trips to Malta and Barcelona. Meeting like minded people is valuable because you don’t meet them in your regular daily life and it gives us an opportunity to share tips.


Did you enjoy your trip in Barcelona with the Teezily Team and what was your favourite moment?

1000% Really thankful that I got the opportunity to go again, my favorite moment… aaah there are a lot, what happens in Barça stays in Barça. 😊 But probably meeting everybody again and meeting new people stands out the most. Can’t wait for the next trip!




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