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Teezily and the 20 Questions To The World project: an amazing journey around the world

How many of you have ever wanted to travel around the world? Certainly many of you have, but have you ever wondered what the people in the rest of the world think about? Or how a point of view may differ from one culture to another?

Today we would like you to join us in a fantastic journey, a trip through the thoughts and dreams of people from all over the world.

We are happy to introduce to you Cyril’s project: 20 Questions to the world

Cyril is a French young man who is interested in geopolitics and philanthropy, and is an expert in digital and video content. His idea is brilliant: he has created a very interesting face-to-face survey that he will conduct by interviewing 500 people from around the world. The goal is to create a world database of inspiring and interesting opinions about important topics such as education, culture, and future dreams.

This international, innovative, and positively oriented project caught our attention.

Being international is one of Teezily’s strong points, we deliver customized products to 180 countries and our team is composed of people of 15 different nationalities. Moreover, we are always happy to contribute to positive and inspirational initiatives, which is why we decided to support the 20 Questions project and follow Cyril’s trip.

He will visit 19 countries and 4 continents in 15 months, and he will send us photos each week to keep us updated. We challenged him to take original pictures while wearing a Teezily t-shirt: we will see photos of him with the person he is interviewing, standing near significant landmarks of each country he visits, and he might even take pictures of funny situations. As a member of the Teezily community, you will be able to actively participate in Cyril’s adventures by choosing a specific challenge he must complete on each country. You can ask him, for example, to take a picture with the funniest Brazilian cocktail or of him petting an exotic animal. Be creative! We will select a challenge each month and Cyril will send us a picture to prove that he completed the “monthly challenge”.

His journey starts in Argentina, and we can’t wait to see the first shots!

Follow the 20 Questions to the world adventure through our blog, Facebook, and Instagram pages and don’t forget to share it with your travel addicted friends! Join us in this amazing trip!


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