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Spooky tips for your Halloween campaign

In about two months time, people will be preparing for what is know as the spookiest and scariest time of the year: Halloween! This gives you the perfect opportunity to get your sales boosting! After all, a strong and creative campaign will attract a bigger audience. However, creativity is not always as easy as we might think. Because of this, Teezily has 6 tips or tricks, tricks and treats you will definitely want to follow in order to create the perfect (and scariest) campaigns!


  1. Communicate Halloween to your public!

Communicating the event to the public a few weeks in advance is the very beginning to a successful campaign. By simply posting images on different social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest), the audience is made aware of the event. On Facebook, you could grab the attention by posting : “Halloween is around the corner! Stay tuned for spooky designs...BOO!”. On Instagram, post a picture or a story with a scary image and add a cool description such as “Halloween’s coming, better be ready to get scared!”. Anything is possible, as long as you make your customers aware of it!


  1. Offer seasonal discounts

Offering seasonal discounts is extremely important, especially during Halloween. Once you’ve made your customers aware of Halloween, you could make them eager to purchase by offering discounts! Post pictures of the designed T-shirts with a creative caption: ‘Don’t be frightened! Get a 20% discount on this tee by clicking the following link’. Think of captivating captions!


  1. Get your customers engaged

You can boost your campaigns even more if you get your customers engaged. By organizing a photo contest and offering the winner one of your designs, your customers will participate with pleasure. The greatest way to gain customer engagement, however, is by offering them a certain discount on the Halloween campaign, or even a giveaway with a cool prize if they share the Halloween post on Facebook with friends. This way, your customers share the word for you.


  1. Combining specific niches

Find niches that can be combined with Halloween for some awesome ideas!  There are endless awesome designs possible!  Think about classic scary movies,such as; Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scary movie (great for a more humoristic design), Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Ghostbusters. Halloween figures could also be a source of inspiration for cool designs. Dracula, Frankenstein, Jack-o’-Lanterns, bats, witches, ghosts and many more that everybody knows. Combine these with a quote and voila, you have yourself a design!  Still lacking ideas? Check out our Teezily Tips board on Pinterest and gain some amazing ideas! Simply click on the following link:


  1. Set up your campaigns and choose the right deadline

Your customers will definitely want to receive their personalised scary items before Halloween. It’s important to set a deadline for yourself. It’s suitable to end your sales in mid-october. We have already seen some lantern/orange/scary designs on the platform ... hurry up, customize your ... "nightmare"! :)


  1. Most popular costumes

In last year’s Halloween campaign edition, a list with the most popular 2016 costumes were given. According to BUSINESS INSIDER the top 5 2017 best Halloween costumes will be:

  1. Harley Quinn ( of Marvel’s Suicide Squad).

  2. The Joker

  3. Pirates

  4. Witches

… And last but not least, approved by Obama:



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