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Seller Interview – Vietnam

Nguyen Cong Linh is one of the lucky winners of our December Friday Lottery. He won $2,500 thanks to this contest.

He lives in Da Nang City, situated in the center of Vietnam on the Chinese sea coast. He loves playing football and selling his products online. Today, he shares his experience as a Teezily seller. Get ready to learn more about him!


Hi Nguyen, what are your thoughts after winning the Teezily Friday Lottery?

I am very happy to have won the Teezily Friday Lottery prize. I think I am a lucky person! Thank you Teezily!


How long have you been working with Teezily?

I’ve been working as a Teezily seller for about 2 years. Now there are many Print on Demand platforms, but I think Teezily is still the best, as sellers using this platform are also very good in their respective domains.


Do you work full time on your campaigns or do you do it during your free time?

I first started to work during my free time, during the night and the weekend. But since June 2017, I have been working full time on the platform!


Why did you choose Teezily to launch your campaigns?

I choose Teezily to launch my campaign because I can sell my products all over the world very easily.

I can also simply duplicate my campaigns quickly. Furthermore, Teezily is especially a very good platform to target the European market, and many of my customers come from Europe.


What are your preferred items to launch a campaign with and why?

My preferred items are T-shirts, because everyone needs T-shirts to wear on a daily basis. Also, my customers generally reorder new T-shirts 1 or 2 months later, as they are very proud to show their new T-shirts to their friends.


How do you find the inspiration for your designs?

First, I do some research about my products, I try to find as much information as I can about my customers’ habits, what kind of designs they like ...etc.

Then, I look for inspiration on online stores selling these kind of products, and then, I create the designs.

I test these designs everyday to choose the best design to promote.


Do you have preferred media to promote your campaigns?

Now, I am advertising my campaigns on Facebook, it is so useful!


Can you give our sellers 3 tips to keep on enhancing their campaigns

Here are my tips:


  1/ Test your campaigns

Launch campaigns everyday! You must test your designs to get the best design to promote.


  2/ Take the time to choose the right design

You must do accurate research on the products that you plan to sell before launching any campaign. Otherwise you may wait a long time for sales.


  3/ Listen to your customers, they’ll be loyal to you

You should read your customers’ feedback everyday. This is the best advice that you will get in your seller career, because they will come back and re-order your products if you listen to them.


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