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Create your Store with Teezily! Our tips for the best domain name

We have a great news for your holiday season's sales: Teezily has just launched a 100% white label feature!It will enable you to promote your campaigns within your own store domain name, without any mention of the Teezily brand.

It means that you will be able to:

  1. Personalize your shop with your own logo and banner directly from your Teezily dashboard

  2. Organize your store by collection category, based on niches or designs

  3. Invite your customers to track their order directly on your page!

If you are wondering how to set up this feature, well, it's super fast and super easy. You just have go to your Teezily dashboard and activate your 100% white label feature with a few clicks. Check out our video tutorial :


Amazing, isn't it? Indeed, at the very foundation of a successful store there is a brilliant, catchy name. So, how do you pick the right domain name? You might want to read our following tips:


Decide on The Message You Want to Communicate

The first step toward a great business name is to decide what your online store name should communicate to your potential customers. The name has to be relevant to what you sell and, of course, linked to the PoD industry. Once you have a general idea, try describing your message out in a single, short sentence: two or three words maximum. Also, avoid inserting hyphens, numbers, or symbols that makes it look unnatural and not easy to remember.

Keep it ... Simple!

In most cases, you are targeting different countries, languages and cultures. Therefore it makes sense to choose a store name that customers from all over the world can easily pronounce and understand. The title should be self explanatory about your niche.

But be a one-of-kind

You might also check your competitors stores' names. If another seller owns a famous store named "Dog Lovers", you should call it "I heart dogs". The goal here is to have a name that is on par with the competition or better, and researching keywords that are related to said niche can help you in creating the perfect domain name and improve the SEO tactics. . What kind of questions are customers asking about your creations? What other words are closely associated with what you want to sell? We suggest that you check Google’s Keyword Planner In AdWords.

Follow trends

We strongly suggest that you consider one of several naming techniques that have been popular lately. i.e. using personal or family names, quoting a famous series (like Narcos, Stranger Things or Game of Thrones: "Mothers of Cats Store"), Reasonable misspellings (like "Flickr), popular hashtags, ...

Test Your Name

This advice is an evergreen: as for niches, audiences, campaigns, designs and FB ads... we suggest that you consider running some tests with different domain names. Show the list to a group that is representative of your target audience. This group might be the followers on your page and you may need to use an online survey.

To summarize:

A domain name is an important part of brand identity, so an entrepreneur should not take this naming process lightly — like picking names out of a hat. Bear in mind that a good store name can also boost your business in ways you cannot imagine, even becoming viral. This is very important since social media plays a major part in growth opportunities as your business gets rolling.



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