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Country Tips: Targeting the British E-Market

Let’s start with a simple fact: the United Kingdom has the highest eGDP in Europe ( 6,12% of the total GDP). Not only has the volume of online shoppers increased in the last 10 years, but also the amount that they spend. In 2013, the average Brit had spent £2400 online. That figure has risen substantially, with Brits spending £2826 online on average in 2015.

The UK is an influential, digitally advanced country and you are targeting a competitive and customer-focused market. It’s necessary for sellers to provide quality customer service and instil confidence in their clients. This can be done by customer oriented actions, for example launching special discounts / promotions or by letting them customize your creation via the “Customization Tool”.

Last but not least, we strongly suggest that you add some information about fast shipping and the reactive Teezily customer support in your campaign. Efficient & proactive communication is the best strategy to target this dynamic e-market! Enjoy your sales!


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