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Cách tạo video hiệu quả cho Facebook Ads

With the change in algorithms on Facebook, ads with video are also gaining more attention and have been proven to be as effective as traditional posters. Another advantage is that video ads are usually cheaper for the same amount of viewers. What are you waiting for without trying the video? Keep the following in mind to take advantage of the best video ads.

# 1: Direct access

Facebook figures show that only 33% of users spend more time watching the entire video, and most of the time skipping the video from the first few seconds. So video ads need to grab the viewer's attention in the first few seconds and have a medium length, which we recommend is around 20 seconds.


Videos must show the viewer what product they are promoting and what brand. Do not forget the Call to Action message in the video to encourage customers to click on your link.
image 2


# 2: Choose the right thumbnail

When creating thumbnails, Facebook will automatically display the images from the video. You usually have to upload a new image in the Custom Thumbnail section to create the best effect.
Tip:  Thumbnail should be the same as the video, usually 1: 1 with square video. Although Facebook does not automatically remove ads with more than 20% of the text, images with many letters have a much lower reach.



# 3: Create multiple files Video Audiences for Retargeting

Facebook has updated the "Create custom audience" section. Different Audience files can be created based on the level of customer interaction with the ad. There is also the ability to combine client files of different videos to create larger numbers for retargeting.

image 3

Furthermore, you can combine multiple levels of engagement across multiple videos to create a more effective custom audience. For example, you can create a custom audience for people who have watched more than 50% of some videos, 75% of others, and so on. Combining these video audiences allows you to create an effective custom audience that can be used for retargeting.


# 4: Choose a Video Views goal

Video ads are well suited to expand the fanpage fan base, building a good audience for the following campaigns. So do not put too much weight on the first video.

When choosing the purpose of your ad campaign, you can choose Video Views to be optimized for customers who like to watch videos. This kind of campaign is usually cheaper than Clicks and Conversions. This way you do not need to invest too much to have a good audience.



# 5 Use the headline and description

The description of the video is very important and one of the factors that determine whether the customer clicks on the link or not. If your campaign is a text-optimized product, video will be a good idea, and the description will help customers eager to see.

The smaller the headline, the more likely it is for the niche or name of the event you want to target. Short sentences like Perfect gift for Valentine's day or Just for dog lover will be the most effective.

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