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3 tips from a Top POD Seller – Meet Le Bihn, from Vietnam

Le Bihn is one of our Friday Lottery winners who had won many lottery tickets thanks to his high number of sales results on our platform. He lives in Vietnam, is fond of photography and loves watching movies.

He has been working full time as a Teezily seller for 5 months and  is already performing very well on our platform. Read his story and follow his 3 best tips!


How long have you been working with Teezily and how did you hear about us?

I started my business with Teezily about 5 months ago, and I I work full time on my campaigns. A friend of mine has been a Teezily seller since 2015. He told me about Teezily and taught me how to sell T-shirts with your platform.


Why did you choose Teezily to launch your campaigns?

I tried many platforms. But in Europe, Teezily is clearly the best one, especially for the European market. The platform has many useful features and their products have a very good quality fabric.


What are your preferred items to launch a campaign with and why?

I definitely prefer to sell T-shirts to launch a campaign because they promise higher profits and easy delivery for my customers.


How do you find the inspiration for your designs?

I search for English quotes without trademarks on Pinterest, translate them and scale them to sell on several markets at once, to ensure a continuous expansion of my business.


Do you have preferred media to promote your campaigns?

I mainly promote my campaigns by launching Facebook Ads, it is the most effective way to sell my shirts. The key point is to research my niches thoroughly.


Can you give our sellers 3 tips to keep on enhancing their campaigns?


1 – Scale your best campaigns and ideas

If you find a good idea, then you should scale it to other niches, translate it into different languages and sell them worldwide. It is totally doable with Teezily who delivers to many countries all around the world.


2 – Follow current design trends

If you’re not a designer, hire an external graphic designer if possible, as it is really important follow current graphic design trends to attract new customers.


3 – Diversify your advertising channels

In addition to Facebook, you should try Advertising on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


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