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2018 June Events Calendar: it’s not only about Father’s Day !

Data from the National Retail Federation in conjunction with Prosper Insights shows that 33.7% of all shoppers are planning on buying something for dad online, this year, up from 32.4% last year. We are sure that you are pretty aware that Father's Day represents a huge selling opportunity for you. However, we want you to bear in mind that summertime is plenty of international events and celebrations that should inspire your Teezily creations.

Indeed, adapting your marketing strategy to the seasonal trends can help to not only fulfill the expectations of your users, but also to boost your sales. Just to mention an easy case, FIFA Football Cup is starting and lots of people would love to wear a personalise item to support their team ! This international sport events will allow you to target different e-markets and expand your international business. Check our calendar here below to find further inspirations and get ready for summer sales !




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