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Teezily Walk of Fame : Gertjan from Holland


What a surprise! Allow me to tell you what happened this last year. It all started with a small and local, but very dedicated Facebook page I started a couple of years ago. Back in the day, I never realized you could actually make a lot of money on Facebook until I came across a shirt on Teezily that had sold 3000+ items. This gave me the push I needed to give this a try on my humble page. Long story short: I sold about 40 shirts and made around 400 euros. Boom! I was addicted and wanted more.

I decided that instead of spending the money I would invest it in selling more shirts and learn as much as I could about the business. I created a lot of amazing designs in Photoshop and was sure they would sell, and actually I sold... NONE!! I lost 350 of the 400 euros I made. I was getting desperate and thought about quitting. But then Father’s Day came... skip forward -> I sold 3000+ shirts in the Netherlands alone. Thanks to the help of Teezily, I could continue to spend money on ads. I remember expanding my campaign budget to 100 euros a day and realizing that the only way to make money is to spend money.

So the lesson I learned here is to never give up! I learned a lot thanks to my mentor, Dennis Meijer, and to all of the reading I did —  trying definitely helped achieve my success. I learned that the key to success is to be creative, but not just when it comes to the designs; you have to think of new ways to improve your ads, but the most important thing is to do the work! Don't just think of something, Do It! Turn off your TV, your phone, cell, even your wife/husband (*joking), and get to work! Do the things that matter.

As the great Stephen Udegbunam once said to me: "You can teach somebody something, but you can't learn for them". The only one that can learn something is YOU. Learn from your mistakes and you will succeed.

I thought things couldn't get any better, until I received a message saying that I was "Ziler of the Week"! The key message here is: if I can do it, you can. I'm not smarter than the average person, just motivated. To all the great people I met: you guys rock and are an inspiration to me. You made me realize even more that I can quit my day job and keep chasing my dream.


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