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Teezily VIETNAM Open 2016

Here we are – the Teezily team were back in Vietnam in the beginning of June. Following our successful event in 2015 and one year of booming business, this year’s event was to strengthen the brand image of Teezily as one of the top t-shirt platforms, enhance our partnership with the Vietnamese community of marketers and most importantly, to meet our beloved Viet Zilers in person.


For many of you who may ask: why Vietnam? In the T-shirt business, the Vietnamese community has become one of the biggest voices in the industry, with a strong presence in all markets and a passion to make money online. It is not only due to the huge number of sellers there, but also thanks to the learning and sharing spirit throughout the community that helps to drive more and more ambitious marketers into the business and make them successful. For Teezily, sales from Vietnamese Zilers also make up a large percentage of our revenue. We feel extremely thankful and appreciate the hard work of these people from the other end of the world who contribute to the development of our company.


The Teezily team’s tour in the s-shape country was over the three biggest cities: Hanoi, Danang and Saigon. The main event in each city was our conference, with about 80 participants in Hanoi, 50 in Danang and 100 in Saigon. Many insights into Teezily and market performance, along with our exciting up-coming features were introduced at the conferences. We were also joined by local speakers, who are experts in designing, T-shirt marketing, brand building etc, to share their experiences and tips. We would like to say a big thank you to all participants who made our event a success.


One week in Vietnam, we had the chance to meet many interesting people. They included experts or newbies, students or married couples, freelancers or part-time marketers, and were all very welcoming and open-minded. By directly meeting and talking to them, we not only understood more about the industry from a Zilers’ point of view, but also were able to listen to their questions and feedback about promoting their business. We greatly value all the inquiries we received during the trip, which is a strong motivation for Teezily staff to keep improving our platform and service.


What a week of great buzz and excitement!! We hope you can somehow share in it with us with the following photos.

Goodbye Vietnam!! We will be back again for sure!!

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