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Meet our Brand Ambassadors – Italy!

Hello guys! Where do you come from and where are you living?

G - I was born in Brescia (Northern Italy), I have lived in Spain for 5 years, more precisely in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria.

A - I was born in Milan, I live in Monza and I'm about to move to the Canary Islands with my family (wife, son and three cats). After many years as an employee I realized that it was time to turn my online business into a real business. I could also do it from my desk in Monza but thinking about the sea and sun all year round, the choice was simple.

How and when did you hear about Teezily?

G - About 1 year and a half ago, in February 2015. To be honest, I do not remember exactly how it happened, I think I had just seen a post on my facebook wall that intrigued me; it was a shirt sponsored by a competitor. It took me a second to understand the business model and  marketing strategy.  I sought an equivalent platform for Europe and boom, love at first sight.

A - Teezily was already well known in the digital marketing world and amongst the members of the Facebook group (gain with e-commerce). About a year ago I decided to give TZ a chance,  since I had experienced some problems in launching campaigns on another platform. Well, everything went smoothly and I have been a loyal Ziler since then. It has never crossed my mind to change platform.

When did you reach the very first success? What was your first reaction?

G - The first (small but real success) arrived in June 2015, 35 t-shirts sold with a good profit, with a shirt that was born as a simple joke following the trend of a sporting event. This experience made me realize that with the right commitment, patience, and perseverance, this could be (and became) a very good business.

A - The first campaign that reached about 100 sales came after a couple of months after I began  my adventure in the world Print on Demand. When you sell the first t-shirt (or the first cup, or the first phone case), you understand that this business works. When you reach the first successful campaign you realise how rewarding it can be and you forget all the previous failures within... 5 minutes!


What do you think about your new role with Teezily? Are you happy to become our Italian brand ambassador?

G - Obviously, I'm very happy and proud to represent the Italian community. The initial learning&training phase is quite long and difficult, but with good tips and insights you can actually save much time and effort.

A - I am very happy because I'm sure there are many people who can launch their own online business and start earning money with Teezily and Print on Demand. Our country is experiencing difficult times (not shocking news!) and this is an excellent opportunity to create their own financial independence.

Which are your goals for the future?

G - To expand my main niches, optimize, and automate most of my personal workflow, while increasing profit and also reducing the time needed daily.

A - Personally, I want to reach the first 1000 sales campaign, a goal that seemed impossible to achieve until a few months ago. Now I totally believe I can make it!

The first advice that you would give to a newbie?

G - Try, try, try, try, try... and, again, try! Do not be afraid to test your niches.

A - Do not be discouraged because this is a business model that works and allows you to generate profits in a short time. You just need the right determination and the ability to listen to the advice other sellers will give you, and to not take criticism or corrections as something personal, but as  precious help to achieve success! Make the most of every mistake, they are worth more than success if properly analyzed and exploited.


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