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Learn from the Best! Meet Daniel, a golden seller from Germany

We made it, this month we have the pleasure to introduce to you an interview with a forerunner in the T-shirt marketing business: Daniel from Germany, who started launching his campaigns on Teezily a couple of years ago and reached outstanding outcomes and profits in a short period of time. We fully acknowledge that listening to the others’ stories is fundamental in order to raise the bar higher and boost motivation. Well, who better than him to explain to you that everybody can easily build a business on our platform?


Hello Daniel ! Where are you from and where are you living?

I come from Germany, near Frankfurt. I am living there with my wife and my daughter.


How did you start your business at Teezily?

I started first with “Name” campaigns on Teespring, in 2014. Then one of my mentors suggested to start selling in Germany. “You know your market and you know German people better than American people”, he said. And that’s why I decided to launch my business on Teezily, which is currently the best international company for Print on Demand. The rest is history...it took me about 3 months to boost my sales and have successful campaigns.


Can you tell us the main challenges you have experienced while trying to develop your business?

It’s always pretty hard to learn the newest digital marketing strategies and integrate them to your Facebook communication. Nonetheless, if you have a good group or a forum with some expert sellers you exchange about the most recent developments concerning Facebook ads and digital marketing with … keep them close and learn from the best!


How do you organise your work every day?

I am very focused and goal-oriented. I set up my short and long-term goals and schedule a plan to reach my objectives. Furthermore, I can count on an amazing team. My designers and my Virtual Assistant (VA) help me to upload and launch all my creations, so that I can have some free time to organise all my business activities.


How do you keep your ideas fresh for your market?

First of all, I need a VA to help suggest new design ideas and develop the best targeting strategy. And you have to test, test, test and test. You know, sometimes I think that working in this business is like being a basketball player. You need to fail over 9,000 shots to “hit the basket”! I think it was Kobe Bryant who said that and that was true, indeed.


What is going to be your next move?

My next move is to upload all of my best selling designs to the marketplace to benefit from free traffic, without spending a penny in Facebook ads.


What do you think about the future of online T-shirt marketing?

I think that the European market is still offering lots of possibilities. Everybody needs T-shirts, and people will not stop buying them. Nevertheless, competition is getting harder and therefore it’s really fundamental to find new, fresh ideas and be aware of the latest digital marketing trends.

Do you have any requests or suggestions for our team?

Just keep on listening to us, the sellers, because we can identify the main problems and help to solve them. And always look at the market, implement new ideas and products as fast as you have already done in the past. It’s a risky business, but it’s also fun and challenging on the other side.


Can you tell us your favorite memory of your "Teezily journey"? :)

The trips to Paris - to meet you - and Barcelona. I love to chat with you guys, but meeting you in the real life has been absolutely amazing.

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