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Interview with a Seller – Xuan Hoang

This month we had the chance to talk with one of our TZ superstar from Vietnam. We strongly suggest you to read his story, because he has a lots of tips and insights for a successful business in this dynamic scenario.


a) When did you start your Teezily journey?

I got to know about T-shirt business a long time ago, but did not have much success. I tested a few campaigns which did not produce any profit. Then in March 2016, I decided to turn my focus on T-shirt marketing again. Having seen a fierce competition in the American market, I chose Teezily to seek out customers in Europe. Since then, I have never regretted my decision.  


b) What was the niche of your very first Teezily Campaign?

My first campaign on Teezily was about the niche Hunting. I spotted that idea on Facebook and I immediately felt in love with it. Later I found out that it was a very good quote that could be applied to many other niches.


c) Do you remember your first sale?

I got my first product sold right on my very first campaign. It was an excellent feeling to have that first order, the other sellers used to laugh about it saying that it is like losing your virginity :D Yep, an unforgettable milestone.


d) Can you briefly describe your day as a "seller"?

Eat - Sleep - Teezily - Repeat!


e) What keeps you motivated?

I want to make a lot of money to improve my family’s quality of life. That keeps me motivated everyday. With the T-shirt business, I can work the style that I like, and still have time to do what I have always dreamed of.


f) What are your suggestions for the Teezily team?

Teezily has a great team, who always work hard to build such a platform like the one that we have today. I look forward to a more stable and user-optimized website, which will help to boost our conversion rate and gain more loyalty from sellers.  


g) What are your goals and expectations for this year?

I always try to be able to think bigger and perfect myself. To become a better ME, that’s my biggest goal for now.


h) Last but not least... which product you would love to see on our platform?

Many products, anything that can be Printed on demand :)) My priority would be canvases and posters. They are selling very well in the US market.

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