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2018 April POD Events calendar: Easter, Siblings day & King’s Day


Find design ideas,  keywords and CTAs to create your April campaigns in this article. We highlighted April's best selling Print on demand events in the USA and in Europe: Easter, Sibling's Day and King's Day in the Netherlands.




Create Easter mugs and apparel - USA & Europe - April 1st


Easter is a Christian celebration and is also a Bank holiday in most European countries. It is generally celebrated together as a family and the tradition is to offer gifts and chocolates to young children who often go to hunt for chocolate eggs in the garden afterwards.
Traditionally chocolate eggs are brought by Easter bells in Belgium and France, whereas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, in Great Britain or in the USA, the Easter symbol is a rabbit.

In the USA, the night before Easter, children usually leave a basket out for the Easter bunny to put eggs in (or chocolate eggs, or just candy) for the children to find the next morning. Why not a mug to put chocolates in it?
Every year, the White House also organizes a traditional Egg roll in their gardens.
Easter practices in America include having small Easter Parades and wearing new Spring clothes on Easter.


Easter Customizable Product Ideas

Mugs for chocolate eggs and hot chocolate  / Children t-shirts or baby onesies:


Create Siblings Day Custom T shirts - United States - March 10th 


Siblings Day has been celebrated since 1999 in the USA to honor siblings’ relationships: brothers and sisters.

In the United States, approximately 80% of the population have a sibling: that’s about 250 million people... That’s definitely a good family niche to target!

And also, don't forget to target them in English and in Spanish : in 2016, Hispanics accounted for 18% of the US population.

Take a look at some design ideas to create your own.


Siblings Day Design Ideas

 Twin T-shirts                                                                   Sister T-shirt

 PHOTO_SIbling_Day_Campaign_SIS-BRO  PHOTO_SIbling_Day_Campaign_SISTERS


Use the personalization tool!

Let your clients personalize their item with their brother or sister name! Use the multi-customization tool to create your campaign!





Use Upsells to propose Twin shirts

You can propose a complementary item during the checkout process in order to increase your average cart value. Follow our instructions to configure it from your Teezily Dashboard: it's easy, and it can really increase your profits. Watch our Upsell video tutorial:




Siblings Day CTA suggestions

To help you promote your campaigns, you can use the below CTAs:

In English:

  • - Unique Sibling day gift

  • - Sibling day Wishlist

  • - T-shirts for Siblings

  • - Personalised Gifts for Siblings Day

In Spanish:

  • - Regalo único del día de los Hermanos

  • - Lista de deseos del día de los Hermanos

  • - Camisetas para Hermanos

  • - Regalos personalizados para el día de los Hermanos


King’s Day or Koningsdag National Day in The Netherlands - April 27th 


King’s Day or Koningsdag is the National Day in The Netherlands. All over The Netherlands, people celebrate their King’s birthday,Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands, on April 27th. There are big Parades in the Streets and people wear orange outfits. The biggest cities in The Netherlands turn orange. Koningsdag is highly celebrated in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Eindhoven. Watch this video to have an idea of the big impact Koningsdag has in the Netherlands.


You can see orange customized T-shirts and hoodies everywhere and the more exuberant, the better. So don’t hesitate to create funny designs and cross your niches : alcool, jobs, first names... Be careful because cities are generally trademarked.


Koningsdag design ideas


Who_let_the_dutch_outgefelicitaart_majestiet BODY_King’s_Day

CTA suggestions for Koningsdag:

  • - T-shirt Koningsdag - Gefelicitaart Majestiet

  • - T-shirt Koningsdag - Who Let the Dutch Out?

  • - T-shirt Koningsdag - Willy Gefiliciteerd

  • - T-shirt Koningsdag - King for a Day

  • - T-shirt Koningsdag - Queen For a Day


More info about Koningsdag? You can also Read our dedicated article



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