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20 QTW for Teezily: get inspired by entrepreneurs from Argentina!

After 4 weeks of traveling through amazing landscapes and colorful cities, we can now get a first glance of some of the results of Cyril’s Argentinian adventure.

Do you remember what you wanted to be growing up? What would you do if we gave you $1M right now? These are the types of questions Cyril asked the people he met during the first month of his trip. After having interviewed almost 40 people, including artists and entrepreneurs from different sectors, what impressed Cyril the most was that he could sense how proud people are of diversity.

Argentina is indeed a huge country and its population is as diverse as its landscapes. Argentinians show to be well aware and proud of their country’s history and the diversity that characterizes them. They treasure their culture and folklore.  They care about charity and nature, and they are concerned about economic stability and clean energy.

 The results of Cyril’s survey are certainly interesting and they could also be an enriching source of inspiration for your business projects: is diversity important for your country as well? How important is national folklore in the countries you are targeting? Learning about the ideas of other entrepreneurs living on the other side of the world will open your mind and give you the opportunity to discover new points of view.

Check out our infographic to view some of the responses!!


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