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20 QTW for Teezily: a wind of optimism from Bolivia!

As we did for Argentina we are really happy to share with you the results of Cyril’s adventures, this time all the way from Bolivia.


What touched us the most is the love for one another and the optimism that radiated from the answers of the Bolivian entrepreneurs whom Cyril interviewed. For questions such as “If you had to create a company what would it be?” and “ Which innovation realistic or not would make your day-to-day life easier?” the  most quoted answers showed the generosity and the large-heartedness of the people : “Social business ; a Love-producing company ;  an Optimism-feeding system” . Another proof of this is when he asked the Bolivian entrepreneurs what they would do if we gave them 1M$, they responded that they would “Give it away” , “Help Retirees” and “Help small communities”.

In today’s world such positive thoughts are not common and they are certainly very inspiring.

Giving a social aim to your business is a wonderful idea, as putting your skills to the benefit of a cause will not only keep you motivated, but is also what today's consumers look for.

If you are curious to read more responses take a look at our infographic and let these colorful thoughts inspire your ideas!


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